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If you need technical support or if your want to buy the no-skim version of RSTGP
please contact me and i'll be with you asap.

forms of payment accepted :   paypal    bitcoin

You have to install the free version and, upon payment received, i will send you the script upgrade to the non-skim version of RSTGP

no-skim version
Remember :
  • You can use RSTGP on Unlimited Domains you own!

* skim 3% of clicks per install, recip to on your index required

  • setup in less than 20 minutes

  • Hall of Fame feature

  • support of all thumb sizes

  • 3 premade table-less layouts

  • support for any trade scripts

  • easy galleries importer

  • works with RSS feeds

  • auto-managing mode

  • encrypted urls

  • target your keywords

  • SEO friendly urls

  • no cronjobs needed

  • no mySQL database needed

  • no Zend Engine required

  • no complicated template

  • really simple ...yes, it is!